Straightforward Pricing

We believe pricing should be clear and easy, black and white. That’s why we offer straightforward pricing structures for you to choose from, with additional options to adjust costs to your needs and workflow.
Every office has different needs, but no matter your equipment, service, and add-on packages, we strive to keep it clear with our purchasing and leasing options.

Purchasing Equipment

It doesn’t get easier. We’ll get to know how you work and understand what features matter most before pairing you with performance options that will best suit your team. We’ll also work to get you the right service plan to protect both your investment and your productivity. And we’ll deliver and set everything up.

Leasing Equipment

Leasing office equipment can get you the right tools right away, often with no down payment. You’ll also be free from the long-term commitment of purchasing — when your lease term is up, you have the choice to purchase the equipment or upgrade to the latest technology. Multiple lease terms are available with the option to bundle service for a streamlined office solution that’ll keep you moving.