Our customers are happy — and with good reason. As you face ever-increasing demands on your time and productivity, finding the best partner to match you with the right equipment is vital. Here’s what our customers are saying about STG.

Napa Community Bank

“Our experience to date has shown that Scott Technology Group has met and exceeded our expectations. STG has met our goals not only with the quality of the system but also with the thorough and professional installation and training on our new system… I recommend with confidence, Scott Technology Group to any organization that has requirements as demanding as those at Napa Community Bank.”
– Shiela Rogers
AVP/Note Department Manager

Health Services Integration

“The comments I receive from employees about the system are all positive, especially as it pertains to making their work easier and more productive… Scott Technology Group has been very easy to work with. They listen to our needs and respond to issues rapidly. That level of support is very hard to find these days….Thank you Scott Technology Group for a job well done!”
– Nathan Stults
Chief Technology Officer

“We attended an overview of Docuware at the office of Scott Technology Group. They refer to the seminar as a Lunch & Learn. We saw Docuware being used and it gave us a good feeling for the product. Though we had been already scanning documents and storing them on our network, we were having problems easily locating a number of these scanned documents. Now with Docuware we are saving time, responding quicker to our client’s requests and communicating within our office electronically. It has wonderfully improved our workflow processes and made it much easier and quicker to respond to requests for information. We can see what’s going on with a file without leaving our desk. No longer are we searching for files that may not have yet been filed or are in process on someone’s desk.”

-K.B. Walter
General Manager
Bareis MLS

“Well, it has been a year since we first got started with Docuware and I must say it has changed our lives here at Andrews & Thornley Construction! The whole process of “pushing paper” has been eliminated and we can’t believe how easy the whole process seems today. The speed at which we can process data from our project managers and how quickly we can locate the information we needed has been nothing less than great. The fact that documents now move thru electronically instead of being copied multiple times has made a tremendous impact on us. The fact that I can sign our documents with my online stamp and send out by mail has been a wonderful time saving tool.”

-Tom Andrews
Andrews & Thornley Construction, Inc.

“As the IT Manager at Flowmaster, I field a number of calls from sales people wanting to sell us their products and services. Most of these calls go into my voice mail. The call that I returned was from Scott’s Office and I’m glad that I did. They asked me about our interest in scanning documents to a document management program. We attended an informative interactive seminar over lunch in their office — it was here that I saw their expertise and how they could perform a Document Assessment that would give us a picture of our total prints and copies and how to implement a plan to reduce waste, increase productivity and lower our overall costs. Scott’s Office did just that. Our people are very pleased with the Savin Color/ B&W digital copiers and printers — We are now using scanning on all the new Savins in many productive ways as we begin to implement these features.”

-Alan Glazier
Information Systems Manager
Flowmaster, Inc.

“The Napa Valley Register has been using Scott’s Office Equipment as our service provider for some of our printers, faxes and copiers for several years. Over this time, we have been extremely pleased with the service. The response time has been great along with the proactive attitude they take in relation to the service and supplies. When we do need service, Scott’s has been very easy to deal with and is very customer service oriented. I find that they are most pleasant and helpful.”

-Jenni Hinson
Business Office
Napa Valley Register

“Our mission statement says that Napa Community Bank is a full-service community bank striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. Because of the goals we have for our customers we have high expectations for our vendors. In fact we will only allow one manufacturer’s products to be connected to our computer network. The Bank needed a new high speed system that could be used on our computer network for scanning and printing as well as copying and faxing. After meeting with Richard Tesch from Scott Technology Group, we chose STG to install our new high speed system that appeared to meet our requirements.”

-Sheila Rogers
Assistant Vice President
Napa Community Bank

“Our people are very pleased with the Savin Color/B&W digital copiers and printers. We are now using scanning on all the new Savins in many productive ways as we begin to implement these features”

-Flowmaster, Inc.