This Should Be Easy

In a world full of jargon and techno-babble, here’s a simpler approach to choosing the right copier for your office. And when you’re ready, we’ll work with you to understand your team’s needs and keep you moving forward with the right equipment.

Greening your office.

A more sustainable way to work

We’re all looking for ways to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the world. At home, we recycle, compost, and keep our energy usage under control. But what happens at work? The rapid pace of technology has brought some exciting new benefits to workspaces looking to be more planet-friendly. We offer printers that conserve energy despite always being on. By falling into a sleep mode when everyone has left for the day, your equipment consumes less energy — saving your power bill and reducing CO2 emissions for a better, greener workplace.

Connecting to the cloud.

The flexibility to print from anywhere.

Working in the cloud has changed the way teams collaborate. More and more offices are able to support remote staff — and productivity is through the roof! As more teams migrate documents to cloud systems, your office now has the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax from personal devices. Cloud-connected copiers have quickly become the norm, turning the multi-function printer into a hub for getting work done fast. The future of productivity is intuitive, fast, and flexible — and we offer the tools that are leading the way.

Harness the power of finishing.

Using the right tools to get pro-level results.

Finishing options open new doors for creativity, productivity, and savings. Instead of shopping projects to outside vendors, bring the control (and the savings) in-house and make the most of your equipment. From book-binding to stapling and hole punching, a well-rounded stable of finishers give your team the tools to produce pro grade work in less time and can easily turn your copier from workhorse to powerhouse.

Your newest employee.

Getting your copier to work the way you do.

Touch screens are magical, but the best part lies just below the surface. Primary functions like Print, Scan, and Copy should be easy to get to, but what if your office needs an additional feature front and center, not buried in a different window? Being able to manipulate and tailor your homescreen to suit the needs of your office is a boon to productivity, freeing your office from having to hunt for the features they need now. With intuitive and simple interface options on large, easy to navigate screens, it’s easy to onboard your copier as part of the team.