Understanding Electronic Document Management

Let STG help to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your team’s process, streamline approval pipelines, increase visibility, and ensure regulatory compliance — all with enhanced security and less paper.

The future of work.

Electronic Document Management, or EDM, is about slashing waste, clearing clutter, and letting you focus on the sort of work that keeps your business growing. While a great fit in any department at any organization, an EDM solution is an all-star in Accounting or Human Resources, where you can really take advantage of an easy-to-access, easy-to-navigate document repository. It’s time to automate those routine, labor-intensive tasks like indexing and filing and take archiving, record keeping, and version control into the future.

Getting the job done.

Cut down on the long walk to storage, the stacks of boxes, and drawer after drawer in a bank of file cabinets. Let your team clicking their way to the information they need with access to a single document library — documents can be checked in or out, version control is easily managed, and security minimizes external threats while also giving permission only to those that need it. And you’ll cut down on printing — by a lot.

Finding the right tools.

EDM requires both the hardware to capture documents as well as the software to manage and archive them, either locally or with a cloud installation. A local EDM solution will offer management software hosted on your server, while a cloud solution will be hosted remotely, allowing your team to manage and access the document repository through a web browser. With the tools in place, STG creates a process to capture and archive while indexing strategically — making it easy for your office to quickly find what it’s looking for.

Our Team

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