David Scott

Like every good President/CEO, he starts the day with a good cup of Joe. David Scott is a second generation owner of Scott Technology Group. He joined his father, Giles, as the company got its start in their family’s garage, working as a delivery and installation tech. Following high school, David left to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps, deploying to the Middle East three times and leading an infantry squad in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2005, David returned to the family business and has been instrumental in facilitating the growth and expansion of the company. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 5 talented children. From historical facts to holiday games, David and his family are always up for a challenge.

Jeremy Ostrem

Jeremy has been with Scott Technology Group since 2007. Starting as an entry level delivery driver, he quickly learned the industry and immediately started suggesting process improvements. This, along with many extra hours at work, earned him the position of warehouse manager and ultimately General Manager in 2016. He loves working early hours, being spotted sending emails as early as 2am, but is fast to get home to his wife, two daughters and three dogs right after 5pm. Jeremy strives to find the perfect work-life balance. His family notes that he is a loving husband and father but they often have to slap his phone away as he tries to respond to emails on the weekends.

Abigail O’Gorman

Every company needs a voice, and Abigail’s is the first you will hear when calling Scott Technology Group. As Receptionist, she does more than just transfer your call. She can assist you with service calls, invoice questions, and much more information regarding our company. Abigail grew up locally; graduating with Honors from Rancho Cotate High School in 2015, followed by going to Santa Rosa Junior College where she earned her AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She formally managed retail where she learned the core values of great customer service; smile, listen and solve. Her office is full of flowers and she would love to help you blossom into longtime customers with us.

Dave Jones

Since joining Scott Technology Group in 2011, Dave has had a presence in just about every department from substitute warehouse manager to IT. Today he manages remote services, equipment installation, applications consulting, and more, so it’s a good thing his head is big enough to accommodate all the hats he wears at once. At home Dave enjoys a good craft beer and amateur home improvement, but does not suggest mixing the two.

Alma Delgado

As one of our best dressed Account Managers, Alma brings a true light to our company. She grew up very dedicated to her education; earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Sonoma State University, along with being their Social Administrator for Ksun Radio helping them become the #1 Outlet of SSU. Alma also dabbles with the Japanese language and formally worked at a Casino meeting all kinds of diverse people (travelers/visitors). Alma is a great conversation with the belief that talking to people is like traveling, exploring others experiences, and would love to talk to you about our wonderful company.

Zack Kampmann

Zack, one of our brilliant IT Technicians, has been with Scott Technology Group since 2007. He started as a delivery driver and soon stepped up to Copier Technician. Eventually, he switched to IT, becoming certified with Microsoft, Docuware, and PSIGEN. Zack handles all of our internal operations as well as assists customers with printing, scanning, and software issues. Outside of work, he loves hiking with his darling wife, Fatima, and their two adventurous dogs. When he isn’t outside he likes online gaming, chess and poker. But Zack isn’t bluffing when he says he loves working at Scott Technology Group because the people genuinely care about each other and work great as a team.

Rebeca Hernandez

As Scott Technology Group’s Bookkeeper, Rebeca works closely with our customers to ensure all their accounting needs are addressed. She received her BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from SSU. Her previous positions taught her patience, the value of respect, and positivity. Rebeca enjoys spending time with her family, playing crochet and home improvement projects. She is a true delight to have on our team and you can ac-COUNT on her for all your bookkeeping needs.