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From our team of technicians to our professional customer service reps, we’re ready with a solution that will keep your office moving. For a quick answer to common questions, browse below and then get back to work.


We work hard to make the end of lease process as easy as possible. That said, each lease company has different stipulations, and our leasing specialist will help you navigate this process. When possible, we try to do a lump sum payoff. Sometimes the stream of payments may need to be sent monthly until completed. Typically when we upgrade equipment, we’ll provide for the buyout/payoff when a new lease is booked.
If your old copier was leased, then it will be returned to the lease company. If you own the unit but no longer want it, we can have it recycled.
Toner should be stored in a cool, dry location. No direct sun light or extreme temperature changes. It should be stored horizontally.
There may be a small cost to install the web browser and apps on your system. These apps allow you to scan to your favorite cloud accounts including Dropbox, Google docs, Box, and Evernote. Cloud printing can give you the ability to print from anywhere, even when you’re not on the network.
Yes, we can set your MFP up with an email address. Documents emailed to the machine can be printed with a four digit code. This way they’re waiting for you at the office, but sensitive documents aren’t sitting in plain view.
Print speed matters because it keeps users working. If the machine has multiple users or will be running large jobs print speed is particularly important. And with users scanning more and more, it’s important to be sure your MFP can get the job done on that front as well — eliminating a line at the copier.
Our dealership is located with a showroom and service center in Rohnert Park. From here we service 16 counties in Northern California. Call to check if we have a technician in your area.
No, color MFPs have black toner and count black prints separately. You can pay a reduced per-page rate for black, and only pay for color when you need it. We can also require a password to print in color, turn off color for some users, or have the machine keep track of how much each user prints.
Yes with multi-function printers, scan-to-email is almost always a standard feature. You can also expect to have scan-to-folder (PDF or JPG) and duplex (two sided printing/copying).
Large Format or Wide Format systems can print/scan documents 24” inches wide and larger. They’re commonly used for blue prints, banners, posters, etc.
Production systems are designed for high speed, quality output of standard sized media, typically no larger than 13×19 (although some systems can run longer paper sizes). They’re commonly used in education, marketing, print for pay, etc.