We’ve Got You Covered

While it’s a standard practice in our industry to offer up service options, we do our best to offer two clear options — blended or escalation — that avoid hidden fees and explain what you’re paying for.

All service options include:

  • Service Calls
  • Repairs
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Toner
  • Minimum Clicks
  • Guaranteed 4 hour response time for down equipment

Blended vs. Escalation

With a blended service rate, you’ll pay the same amount each month for the entire life of your 5-year plan. If you plan on keeping a machine for the foreseeable future, a blended rate offers the peace of mind that no matter how your service needs change, you’ll enjoy consistent, predictable per-page pricing.
Escalation allows you to save upfront when service needs are low, with an escalation in service cost that’s based on average service needs throughout the five-year plan. This option is a good fit with offices looking to upgrade to the latest technology regularly.

5-Year Guarantee

Taking care of your business is our business and we ensure that you’re covered with no stress on your office. New equipment protected with a service plan is guaranteed for 5 years; used equipment is guaranteed for 3 years. And if we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it with a comparable machine.

Response Time Guarantee

We guarantee a technician will be on-site within four business hours when your equipment is down.